Camo Denim

Trend Forecast: Camo Denim

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I have had my heart set on finding the perfect camo denim for too long, True Religion quality can not be beat!

TOP: True Religion $99.00, Find in True Religion locations

DENIM: True Religion $124.60 (org. 178.00)

JACKET: Levi’s $88.00

HEELS: Charolette Russe $26.49

NECKLACE: Kate Spade $58.00

WATCH: Nixon $125.00


HAIR: Galvan Galvan

MAKE UP: Marie Keller

With lots of love, EC

Boot Leg Denim

Flare Denim Leggings

True Religion Flare Denim LeggingsTrue ReligionTrue Religion Make Up by Marie KellerFlare Denim LeggingsTrue Religion Rhinestone tankTrue ReligionTrue Religion OutfitTrue Religion Plaid Button UpBoot Leg DenimTrue Religion Plaid Button Up

Flare denim leggings by True Religion are the trendiest and most comfortable jeans I own. Their soft stretch denim was perfect after a long holiday weekend, making comfort stylish. San Diego seasons are pretty up in the air (warm sunny air that is) so tanks are still necessary; I’m in love with this rhinestone collared tank. If you couldn’t tell from todays post, purple is my favorite color; making this plum, plaid button up and violet mirrored Ray Bans my favorites for fall.

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TANK: True Religion $59.40 (org. $99)

TOP: True Religion $101.40 (org. $169)

DENIM: True Religion $189

PURSE: Kate Spade $178

SUNNIES: Ray Bans $150

BOOTIES: Chinese Laundry $99.95 (org. 129)

RINGS: Urban Outfitters $12 (org. $20)

NECKLACE: Kate Spade $40.60 (org. $56)



HAIR: Galvan Galvan

MAKE UP: Marie Keller

With lots of love, EC

black jeans

Knee Split Denim

split knee denimblack jeanslongline crop topprinted cropgold beaded clutchwooden heels

This look works for so many casual occasions, date night? How about Sunday Brunch? Casual doesn’t have to mean boring! I am all about a effortless and trendy outfit to really show off your style. Play up a printed top with a beaded clutch and comfortable platform sandals. The wooden heel keeps the outfit from seeming too over the top but the clutch helps add some glam. My go to jeans are these black Asos knee split denim jeans that can work with any look. Hope this look can inspire a fun outing!

 Product Picture Abstract Medallion Boxy Top  Boxy Mandala Print TopRipped Knee JeansTopShop Knee Split DenimRuche Wooden Heel SandalsOffice Leather Platform Sandals

TOP: Forever 21 $17.90, Forever 21 $17.90

DENIM: Asos $54.00, TopShop $75.00

HEELS: Ruche $44.99, Office $90.00

New Look Beaded ClutchGOld Beaded Envelope ClutchEmbroidered And Beaded Clutch BagGold Initial NecklaceKate Spade Bracelet

CLUTCH: New Look $36.00, New Look$31.00, Boohoo $20.00

NECKLACE: Kate Spade via Nordstrom $58.00

BRACELET: Kate Spade via Nordstrom $32.00

With lots of love, EC

Lace see through

Printed Bell Bottoms and Lace Peplums

Braided Up Do Lace Mesh Peplum High Waist Bell Bottoms Lace peplum Lace see through Lace Sheer Top Printed Bell BottomSequin ClutchMake Up and Up do

It took me a bit to pick up on this bell bottoms trend, but here they are and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all! My first encounter with this trend I found that they did not flatter my figure and passed them up for a long while, until I found a style with a print with a downward motion which helps elongate my short figure. I would love to help you find the right style to flatter your body shape. Its all about print, length and shape. For those of you with short legs a solid color or downward print flare pant will help lengthen your look. If you are like me and have a longer torso I suggest a high waist to add the illusion of long legs even more so. For those of you with petite shapes the wide leg flare will help give more curve to your silhouette and you can honestly pull off prints or solids equally. For curvy figures I would suggest solid chooses over print, but if you want something fun try a downward print instead of side to side or the Meraki Moon option has a stripes in the material. Contact me with any questions!

Shop High Waisted Print Bell Bottoms Shop Asos Jersey Flare Pants   Shop Free People Border Print Bell Bottoms Shop Thermal Bell BottomsShop Asos Velvet Navy Bell BottomsShop Jersey Flare Pants

BELL BOTTOMS: Notice $52 (I own these!), Asos $45, Free People $148, Meraki Moon $99, Asos $68, Asos $32


Shop Forever 21 Lace PeplumShop Forever 21 Sheer Peplum TopShop Boo Hoo Longline Peplum TopShop Free People BandeauShop Forever 21 Black Buckle BootiesLulus Sequin Gold ClutchShop Asos Choker

TOP: Forever 21 $24.80, Forever 21 $24.80, Boo Hoo $16

BANDEAU: Free People $20

SHOES: Forever 21 $39.90

CLUTCH: Lulus $34

NECKLACE: Asos $14.50



HAIR: Galvan Galvan

MAKE UP: Marie Keller

With lots of love, EC



Co-ords trend4

My Favorite Current Trend: Co-ord

Co-ord trendco-ordCo-ord trendCo-cord trendCo-ord trendCo-ord trendCo-ord trend make upCo-cords trend hairCo-ord trend

We are getting all matchy matchy on today’s post. The co-ords trend has been on the rise for some time now, but its not going any where anytime soon. I had so much fun finding some fun pieces for all of you to enjoy and hopefully love enough to own and join in on this too cute trend! All I know is this isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing this trend on the blog. This look works well for many body types; both long and short torsos can join in on this look. The concept of monochromatic looks to help lengthen your torso works well in this case, because it is all one print. This look puts enthuses on the legs which is never a bad thing in my opinion. The high waist shorts help still show of your figure while the baggy garments hide any areas you aren’t to fond to show off. Contact me if you need help finding the right Co-ord for your body type!

Shop Urban Outfits Co-ordsShop Asos Co-ord Shop Boo Hoo Co-ord Asos Pants Co-ordsShop Forever 21 Co-ord

*Please note that most co-ords tops and bottoms are sold separate for accurate sizing*

CO-ORD: Urban Outfitters top/bottom(what I am wearing), Asos top/bottom, Boo Hoo one piece, Asos top/bottom, Forever top/bottom

Shop Pink Mascara Color Block Sandals HeelsShop Steve Madden Color Block SandalsShop Charlotte Russe Color Block Heels

HEELS: Pink Mascara, Steve Madden, Charlotte Russe

Shop Lulus Gold Sequin ClutchShop KC Malhan Beaded ClutchShop Sondra Roberts Gold Beaded ClutchShop Forever 21 Drop NecklaceShop Etsy Bee Hair Pins

CLUTCH:Lulus, KC Malhan, Sondra Roberts

NECKLACE: Forever 21




HAIR: Galvan Galvan

MAKE UP: Marie Keller

With lots of love, EC